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Counselor steps up for Ukraine

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

Jared Malone served two combat tours of duty in Iraq. He wants to go to Ukraine to help people.

"Jared Malone, a Heritage Health counselor, has been driven to serve his whole life.

The former enlisted Marine is volunteering to help people in Ukraine after seeing horrific devastation brought by war.

“I feel like I can bring some unique skills to this mission as far as my military experience, military contracting experience, my education in mental health and my faith,” said Malone, who served in combat during Operation Iraq Freedom. “We’ve all seen what is happening and I can no longer stand by and do nothing.”

Malone will be fundraising for the Victory Christian Church in L'viv to help the church rent spaces for evacuees, provide clothing, food and essentials.

“I will also be delivering medical supplies donated by Heritage Health to surrounding clinics,” said Malone. “I will be setting up some short-term support groups for the women and children who have fled the violence. Additionally, I will be documenting everything on social media and uploading videos and pictures to show where and how these donations are being used to help the people.”

Malone will depart for Ukraine soon. Heritage Health CEO Mike Baker praised his volunteer mission.

“We’re always excited to support our employees when they go off to make a difference in the world,” said Baker. “We encourage everyone to be a part of that effort to help the people of Ukraine.”

Malone enlisted in the Marines during his senior year in high school after witnessing the 9/11 terrorist attacks. He's a third-generation Marine and both of his grandfathers fought in the Pacific during World War II. His father is a retired Marine officer.

Malone served in a tank crew in Iraq, fighting in Fallujah. He served two combat tours in his 20s and later as a military contractor in Iraq for three years.

“Since my time in Iraq, I have struggled with my mental health and PTSD,” said Malone. “After the birth of my children, I knew it was time to get serious about getting help. A counselor at the Veterans Affairs recommended going into social work and mental health. He mentioned how learning to help myself before I can help others could be very beneficial to me.”

Malone, a licensed master social worker, received a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Hawaii. He then obtained a master’s degree from Fordham University. As part of that degree, he was required to complete a two-year field study at Heritage Health.

He and his wife live in North Idaho and together they have two children..."

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