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Support children and families affected by the war in Ukraine today!

What We Have Done:


Partnered with the juvenile police in Ukraine to help fulfill the wish lists of over 200 children who lost a parent to the war, have been injured, parents or family members who are prisoners of war, or have been displaced.


Delivered over 800 lbs. of  back to school and arts and crafts supplies, filling 140 backpacks for children in Ukraine.

Brought supplies directly to the homes of families who are in desperate situations.

Delivered food, essential supplies, and toys to orphanages and camps for children who have lost a parent.

Brought toys and candy to the children’s hospital in Kyiv.


Project Victory has visited multiple orphanages, shelters, and camps that house orphaned children. We have brought these children toys, candy, and arts and crafts supplies. We have also helped the amazing staff at these locations by bringing them food, essential supplies, and even a computer to an orphanage in L’viv. Project Victory also took part in the Stronger Together 2.0 campaign run by the Juvenile Police of Ukraine. The police identified 200 families who have lost a parent to the war and were able to fill the wish list of the children to include school supplies, food, hygiene items, and toys. The project victory teams also take the time to talk to the children about the importance of staying in school, working hard, and taking care of others.

Join us in supporting orphaned children in Ukraine today! 


Join us in supporting displaced children in Ukraine today! 

Project Victory has teamed up with the Ukraine Chaplain’s Patrol and National Police to help identify children who are currently displaced, living in damaged homes, or in difficult life situations. We travel to the homes where these children are staying and bring them food, essentials, candy, and toys. We have completed these missions all over Ukraine and the smiles that we see make the travel well worth it.


In March 2022 the Project Victory team traveled to L’viv to help the Victory Christian Church find a space to create a shelter for displaced families. With the help of donors Project Victory was able to help start a shelter and church in L’viv that is constantly full of long-term families and families in transit out of Ukraine. In addition to operating as a church, the members of this shelter also help to prepare hot food and feed those in need every Tuesday in the L’viv community. They also pack cooking oil, sugar, flour, pasta, buckwheat, rice, pampers, and hygiene products in bags and give them to families. Refugees from all over Ukraine request these supply bags and every Sunday 150-200 bags are handed out or delivered to families. These bags have served over 2000 people since the shelter opened. Project Victory continues to support this mission by sending funds, and supplies, and helping support various community projects hosted by the shelter and church.

Join us in supporting the shelter in Lviv in Ukraine today!