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Support the Ukrainian first responders today!

What We Have Done:


We have brought over 2,500 CAT tourniquets to first responders

 Created a trusted supply line with the support of the National Police of Ukraine and a Ukrainian family-run shipping company in Chicago.

Held a mental health seminar in L’viv that taught PTSD awareness and working with individuals who have suffered from trauma.


Project Victory has partnered with the National Police of Ukraine to bring critical surgical supplies to hospitals and deliver trauma supplies to first responders. With the support of the National Police, we can confidently send supplies into Ukraine and straight into the hands of the medical staff who need them most. Our supplies are escorted by the Human Rights Department of the National Police, and they send us documentation of the delivery.

Join us in supporting partnership with the National Police in Ukraine today! 


Join us in supporting trauma supplies in Ukraine today! 

As the National Police of Ukraine work around the clock rescuing civilians from attacks, evacuating the innocent, and getting the wounded to hospitals, Project Victory has been sending trauma supplies to the police officers who are out there saving lives every day. In additional to shipments of bandages, medicines, and quick clot, Project Victory has already sent over 2000 tourniquets to these first responders.


The Project Victory trauma training team provides hands on training teaching the foundational skills to treat life-threatening injuries including penetrating trauma, blast injuries, burns and environmental emergencies. Taught by well-trained instructors from fire-based emergency medical agencies who have real world experience treating trauma patients. Our teams travel to Kyiv to conduct this training.

Join us in supporting partnership with the National Police in Ukraine today!