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Trauma Training

The Project Victory trauma training team provides hands-on training teaching the foundational skills to treat life-threatening injuries including penetrating trauma, blast injuries, burns, and environmental emergencies. Taught by well-trained instructors from fire-based emergency medical agencies who have real-world experience treating trauma patients. Our teams travel to Ukraine to conduct this training.

This training is not only vital to the men and women who are the first on the scene when civilians are injured by incoming fire, but it helps our teams maintain a strong bond with the National Police of Ukraine. This partnership allows us to move around the country with ease, gain access to areas other nonprofits cannot, and ensures we have an extra level of security.

The Project Victory team moved into the Dnipro area for this mission. Due to the proximity of Dnipro to frontline cities, this was the ideal location to deliver humanitarian aid and training for first responders. The team spent 8 days in Dnipro with 5 days dedicated to training Ukrainian police officers and firefighters from the Dnipro, Zaporizhzhia, and Donetsk regions. Our certified trauma training instructors trained over 100 first responders and received very high praise. Due to the number of attacks occurring in the regions, the officers serve in, and the need for this training while they are responding to these calls, we received several more requests for future training. These requests came from regional government offices, heads of police departments throughout the south and eastern regions of Ukraine, and from the Dnipro Fire Department Chief. The Project Victory trauma training team will return to these regions to fulfill these requests.

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