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Mission 6.0

It is with great privilege that I am able to report back on the last mission with Project Victory. I am absolutely pleased that we were able to accomplish so many great things and am very proud of the team that I get to work with. Their knowledge, resolve, and tenacity are a force to be reckoned with. In the eight days we were able to spend in Ukraine we were able to complete:

Instructed four classes of Police and first responders on trauma training, stopping heavy bleeding using dressings and tourniquets. Trained ~100 individuals who were all able to take the training back to their respective communities.

Met with the heads of the Donetsk State University of Internal Affairs on opportunities to complete more trauma training classes, PTSD training, and potential funding to assist with rebuilding facilities.

Visited a children’s camp located on the Dnipro river where displaced families are given transient housing while fleeing from hostilities. Brought food and pantry supplies to help sustain ~160 people. Put on an entertainment program for the children which included a magic show, costumes, and dancing.

Brought pantry staples, scooters (with helmets), bubbles, frisbees, coloring books to an orphanage we continue to support in Kiev. We spent time connecting with the children, sang karaoke, danced, played, and soaked up every smile we could.

Spent a few hours at the Khiva Professional College of Architecture, Construction, and Management visiting with students at the college. Many of the students were able to tell their stories, many of which included fleeing with the families from occupied cities.

The help we were able to provide is valuable and greatly needed but the connections made and the stories shared mean so much more to me. It is my great honor to be able to help those around me and to make positive, impactful change on the world. I remind all of the Ukrainians that I come in contact with that while Russia may be standing in front of you, we are here standing by your side. We are not stopping. Every life is worth saving.

Author: David Nelson, Director of Development

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